In Business No One Can Hear You Scream

I have never met anyone in business who does not see the value in ensuring effective communication across or channels and media. Ask any NLP practitioner, and they will start talking to you regarding, ‘meta-model,' ‘Milton Model.', and the importance of stories and metaphor. Ok, there is a lot more depth to NLP, but I am not writing about NLP. However, over the last decade whether coaching or training I see the power of all these ideas in practice. As a species, we are born storytellers whether literal, metaphorically, analogous in fact in whatever form it is packages we love a good narrative. The bigger the story, the more culturally significant, the greater the impact it holds. So make yourself comfy and indulge me a little as I invite you into my very own private cinema.

For me, Film is the ultimate storytelling media in both scale and scope and something above all else I return to time and time again. It has taught me valuable life lessons, educated me, scared me half to death and allows me to escape into worlds, times and experiences that I am unlikely ever to experience in my everyday life.

Ever watched a film and wished your life was more like that of a movie, extreme risk, and reward with the dice loaded 100% in your ultimate favor. Well, perhaps you already are, run with it see what you think! The famous Alien poster used the tagline, in space, no one can hear you scream, and I think this has a real value from a business perspective for clients and coaches. Running your own business can be tense, overwhelming even a little scary. Like Sigourney Weaver, your running around a maze of business options, tightly contained by issues of cash flow, invoice payment, and debtors books. The scream for a business owner is internal and rarely shared.

Well for me that was the case I saw those heroic actions heroes on the screen and wanted to be them, and I took it in my late teens and early twenties to an extreme! Indian Jones or more precisely Harrison Ford was who I wanted to be I pictured myself bullwhip in hand, swinging across precipices, to retrieve some ancient treasure. My initial attempts some particular hazardous treks around national trust parks, traversing climbing walls in public gyms went reasonably well. Sadly, however, when I followed in his footsteps with some trekking in an Amazonian rainforest, the only thing I brought away was malaria.

As I lay in bed the sweat pouring from my body as I simultaneously shivered from the cold, I like many others experienced some very strange fever dreams. One that stands out was of businesses executives all over the world waking up screaming with terror and saying, “I need a Business Coach!.’

Okay, everything in the last paragraph is a complete fiction, well apart from my man crush on Harrison Ford. However, it illustrates a clear REALITY no one ever wakes up and says ‘I want a business coach’ despite my government lobbying it is unlikely we (Coaches that is) will ever be the fourth emergency service.

So while people may not wake up screaming for a business coach what they often do is lose sleep and worry about how they are going to pay the wage bill, whether they can make that loan payment on time. These issues are the effect the cause is often one of needing more business, more customer or better margins on items sold. Now as that is where the business owners need help and support that is where I focus my work. Meta-Manager uses the five step profit formula:

More leads

More Conversions

More Transaction

Higher prices

More Profits

Aligning our methodology to the real business needs may not mean people are waking up from a fever dream and calling for a business coach, but they may now think of Meta-Manager to solve their business problems. Working with a skilled business coach can be transformational for your business so go on give it a go!

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