Success Equation

Confessions of the coach

The Success Equation

(Gc + Gc1)MM = Success +++

Where: G = Good B= Bad c= client c1 = coach

MM = Meta-Manager

So let us presume that at some point in your business journey you recognise that your business is developing in either a way you hadn’t anticipated or is moving in a direction contrary to your intention. In such a circumstance you may well have considered looking for support. To help you understand the how, why and wherefore let us do some maths.

Gc1 + Gc = Success

Bc1+Gc = Failure

Gc1+Bc = Failure

Even with the few basic variables you can see that success is not a certainty.

You have only got to search LinkedIn for business coaches and even by refining to sector and geographical location you still have a choice measured in the hundreds. Now this is an issue for both the coach and the client, as a bad coach working with a good client fails to deliver and damages the reputations of coaches as a whole. On the flip side if you have a brilliant coach with a poor client you have exactly the same scenario. Why? It is simply the reality that coaching is a contract between coach and client based upon honesty, integrity and professionalism on both sides. If either side fails in this contractual agreement success will be limited, if acknowledge at all, or relationships on both side breaks down acrimoniously.

Coaching is clearly a B2B service and LinkedIn is the worlds’ largest B2B sales platform. You thought I was going to say social network didn’t you! The reality is that it is both but it is also the fastest way for coaches to get their message right in front of their clients eyes. So if they are not doing this correctly it’s the first strike against their credibility. If they pass this gateway, then by all means have a phone call or better still a face to face meeting. Now at the meeting the best coaches don’t bother to sell. You may be wondering why this is the case, the answer you’ve agreed to meet them right! If you want to meet with me then you want to buy. Any loss of a potential sale is therefore at that point down to me as the business owner. Instead good coaches collect lots of information and add value. So if you feel your being pressure sold or offered a cookie cutter style program strike two. The third strike for me is the follow up where you get involved in a protracted series of emails, phone messages etc. The best coaches ALWAYS ask the hardest question first when do you want to start and when do you want my invoice. Now if your scratching you heads wondering why I’m not advocating a softly, softly strategy it is because as a good coach I’m looking for good clients. Clients who want to grasp the bull by the horns today! Good Client remember with a Good Coach takes success to the next level it’s the synergy between the two ‘goods’ as much as anything. If you apply these three tests you can quickly reduce the volume and increase the quality of the coaches, you meet.

Meta-Manager is my response to the dilemma outlined above it provides a vetting and management service to ensure you get a good coach whose accountable throughout. Our aim is to plug that gap in the aspiration SME community for business coaching with honesty, integrity and professionalism. The processes at our core ensure we hold clients equally accountable so you get the right equation.

(Gc + Gc)MM = Success +++

Having the right Connections, Coaches and Clients, Meta-Manger is well on its way to being the Brand of choice for inspirational business owners and manager.

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