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One of the surest ways to accelerate your business journey is to access the support of professionals. Now these can include employees or external contractor. Employees allow the most value to be sweated from the asset but also creates the most cost and initially the ROI is unknown. External contractor range from simply outsourcing labour to using professionals such as accountants and lawyers of which there are many sub groups depending on exactly what you need. Now we know (Unless your an accountant) that I'm not going to do my own finances and that if I'm thinking of buying a new company vehicle I should ask my accountant for the most tax efficient way to do so. However we do often think that I can be the marketing, sales and operations director without any hesitation. Perhaps the difference is that we have clear legal/financial implications when we think about tax of Intellectual Property but really the impact is at the very least as significant for these other areas. Coaching is a very interesting area as I've found over the years that once a business has see the benefits of effective coaching they continue to access coaching on a regular basis. Where as business who are reluctant to access coaching very often has had either no direct coaching or coaching form a very cookie cutter organisation/individual.

In my opinion coaching delivered by Meta-Manager changes attitudes, practices and impacts positively within businesses within a very short period of time. Why? The reason is the same as why you would use and accountant and lawyer professionalism married to real world qualification and experience. Many people will have more than one business and experience failure before achieving success however then best coach have not alone shared this journey but experienced it many hundreds of times with other people as they developed as a coach. They bring with them a collective experience but just as importantly the best coaches remain open minded and align to the current clients vision, values and aspiration.

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