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Lifelong learning and the need for continued improvement, in an ever changing environment, is the norm for people working in the 21st Century.  Technology continues to accelerate as does the speed that we are required to learn new skills, simply to remain current and relevant, in an ever increasingly competitive market.


The previous century could well be categorised as the century of the self-help guru, from the four-minute manager, Seven Rules of Effective Individuals to the publishing phenomena of the Secret.  However, many of these books offer inspiration and little more, the lessons taught never being fully realised in the life of the consumer.


Meta-Manager helps YOU develop core strategies and values aligned to you stated outcomes that deliver success immediately.


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A Bespoke Solution

A Service as Unique as YOU

Business Coaching


Meta-Manger helps create a structured vision for your business. Helping you build strategic awareness across sales, marketing and finance, all key areas that characterise an effective business.


Working with individuals and teams to remove needless duplication, streamline processes, embed culture and systems to sustain businesses, not just for today but  tomorrow.



Executive Mentoring


Being the boss is often a lonely place, Meta-Managers mentors provide the perfect point of guidance.  Having run their own businesses they can relate to your journey, offering support and guidance through the most stressful of times.


Working with the latest innovation in areas of planning, time management and SMART thinking we help you and your team reach the next level.




Personal Performance



Personal Performance is designed to challenge negative behaviour patterns and reconnect you with your full potential. Together we can remove bottlenecks, streamline time management and improve delegation.

Designed to help the individual develop the habits of success, to create greater efficiency and free up your most precious resource time.  


As a business owner or manager let us ensure you are focusing on the next challenge by creating effective teams through effective leadership and management.




Whether in leadership and management, sales or finance we can off a bespoke learning experience for your business.  Whether it is upskilling your professional skills or getting to grip with an all new area. We focus on helping deliver business results you can measure within weeks rather than months.


Drawing upon a blended learning model we ensure all clients learning needs are not only met but enhanced, through interactive workshops and post course follow-ups we ensure the skills learnt are embedded into the business.


You have never been trained correctly before Meta-Manager.