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Continuous Improvement



I have met many business owners with passion and drive who build successful businesses. Often these Business have been built through blood, sweat, and tears from the owners' key skill or vision.  To all business owners, I'd say beware the 'bell curve'.  I've observed businesses fail because they have never taken the time to develop great business owners.  Never taken the next leap in their own personal development and asked the bigger questions.


Simple as





The number one reason for business failure relates to poor financial management.  Incorrectly structured debt, over expansion or failure to effectively manage debtors books being just three common errors.


We recognise that your probably not an accountant, that you don't want to know how to reconcile and read every line of your accounts you want to run your business and make money.  We show you how to use technology to give you the information in the way that makes sense to you, and provide the tools to help grow the business.





Whether you are looking to increase sales, improve sales process/structure Meta-Manager can help.


1:3 lead to sales conversion is the minimal standard we should aim for, once we realise that if your approached by a customer and do not close the sale its YOUR fault no one else's.


Sales growth of between 20-60% in businesses using our sales methodology has been seen consistently over the last 3 years.




Marketing is an essential part of your business, does your strategy align with your corporate values and goals?


Don't copy what everyone else is doing as you will already be one step behind, we use the latest innovation to give you the cutting edge.


Meta-Manager can provide advice and support in both traditional and digital marketing, helping you build an integrated strategy which maximises return on investment.